Big Brothers Are the Best

Seems like the perfect time to share this post I’ve been holding onto. This amazing kid will be 9 soon. He made me a mom, changed me forever and continues to push me in ways I never expected. He’s my first love bug and the best big brother ever. His kindness and empathy for animals and humans makes me proud. He is growing into quite the gardener, sports enthusiast, dancer, athlete, comic lover, movie fan, Star Wars addict and overall wonderful human being.

Almost 2 months ago we began isolating.  Schools closed, businesses shut down, and life changed for all of us.  A pandemic took control and we had to learn how to live in our new normal.  Thankfully, I have been able to spend that time with my amazing family.  What started out as forced family time turned into having the opportunity to watch my children grow and learn and love each-other.  I have always known how deep the love between my son and his little sister goes but recently I have witnessed unbelievable memory making and the strength of their relationship.

The smile on their faces when they see each other melts my heart.  My little love wakes up and the first thing she asks for is her brother (sometime breakfast wins too).  I can’t imagine being “stuck” at home with anyone else.  Before all this started, I interviewed big brother.  I wanted to get his point of view. Sometimes being a big brother can be hard. Nate fell in love with his baby sister the moment he found out she would be completing our family.  When she was born, he couldn’t wait to hold her and love her and read to her.  My little love looked at him like no other.  Nora adored him from the start. She adores him still. Even more. In her eyes, he is made of stars.

In the beginning, we were processing so much.  Nora’s diagnosis required a lot of attention.  She had many, many appointments, specialists, tests, Early Intervention.  She was sick a lot and we were learning along the way.  We are still learning each day but, it is different now.  We are more equipped.  We are more comfortable.  Nate needed time to process as well.  He had many questions about his sister and worried about her a lot.  Some days we had to drag him to appointments.  These were always the longest days.  Through it all, he has been the bright star she knows him to be.  No one shines brighter in her eyes.  He is her advocate, her cheerleader, her helper, her laughter and love, and her first friend.

Here’s a little more about my amazing first little love…

What is your favorite thing to do?  play sports

What are your talents?  video games, basketball, soccer, snowboard, animals like me

What do you like most about being a brother?  she looks up to me and she likes me

What do you like the least?  sometimes I don’t want to do stuff but I do anyways to help my little sister

What can you say to bullies?  try to be nice so they get good vibes from you and try to be nice to people.  Tell them to stop doing what they are doing and go to a teacher.

What was your first thought when you found out Nora had dwarfism?  Is she going to be okay?  Is she going to be this small forever?

What is your favorite thing about Nora?  she’s funny and she’s my sister.  She says “Aye you (Na-na, I love you)”

What do you love to do with your sister?  play outside and play “hi seek”

If you could tell the world something about yourself, what would it be? I am athletic, funny, kind, and smart.

If you could tell the world something about Nora, what would it be?  She is smart and funny.

What do you want people to know about achondroplasia?  Babies are really, really cute and have cute rolls because they have little bones that grow slower than their skin.

What makes you different?  I have long hair and I am a big brother.  I have lots of best friends.

How do we celebrate differences in our family?  We celebrate them everyday.  It’s just regular stuff.

Is there anything you want to tell future big brothers of siblings with dwarfism?  They need a lot of attention and help sometimes.  Sometimes I have to help because her arms and legs are shorter.  When she was a baby there was a lot of appointments. Babies are so cute.

I am beyond thankful that Nate and Nora have each other. She picked the most perfect big brother ♥️

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